Strategies To Teach Reading

Unfortunately, reading can be a skill that many children struggle to master. In order for students to be confident readers,  teachers can provide  students with effective teaching strategies for reading. By implementing these teaching strategies, teachers are giving students the tools that can help them succeed.


  1. Using Background Knowledge: making connections with what they already know to bring meaning and depth to what they are reading.
  2. Visualizing: seeing the action or elements of the story in their minds.
  3. Predicting: thinking about what might happen next, then reading to find out if they are correct. (Now what will he do?)
  4. Asking Questions: probing deeper into the text, solving problems, wondering out loud.  (Why doesn't she want any cake?)
  5. Clarifying: testing and challenging things that are confusing or unexpected. (Does that make sense?)
  6. Inferring: using clues to figure out what something means or reasons why something is happening. (Why do you think he looks so sad?)
  7. Using Pictures: getting additional information from pictures to deepen the experience of what is being read. (Oh look, what's happening over here?)
  8. Summarizing: putting the story in their own words to highlight the important parts. (What happened in our story?)

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