Keeping Students Engaged in Reading


Reading engagement matters because of both the immediate magic and joy that comes from reading for pleasure and the long-term learning and life benefits this can bring.

What is reading engagement?

Engaged readers:

  • get immersed in their reading — they read for pleasure, and to satisfy their curiosity
  • discover information and stories that help them learn and achieve
  • are motivated to read and learn more — which makes reading easier and more enjoyable, and creates a 'virtuous circle' of constant improvement.



1. Use Book Talks 

A Book Talk consists of someone (teacher or student) sharing a book they’ve read with the intention of convincing a potential reader to do the same. This should go beyond saying, “I love this book,” or “This is a must-read." You want to give the readers a small insight on what to expect from the plot, characters, etc. Remember to curate and deliver the Book Talk with passion.  Do this by using a voice filled with excitement, holding the book, and always leaving the listener with a cliffhanger.

2. Make Your Library Feel New With Book Displays

Creating an inviting classroom library is a great way to keep students in tune with their reading life. Something as simple as displaying new books every few weeks can gain the interest of the readers.  While you grow, use your school or public library to keep your classroom updated with new texts.

3. Give Books the Superstar Treatment 

Books need to get more red carpet events.  Showcasing books in new ways can create wonder!  Project book covers of different titles that are soon to be shared with the class.  Spotlight books in the morning and during independent reading.


4. Keep Track of Classroom Read-Alouds

Keep a list of books that are read as a class on chart paper.  This display will lead to conversations about author’s crafts, common themes, and genres that will be explored. The students will be amazed to see the reading that they've accomplished and this can be used to encourage their own reading.

5. Create Anticipation

Creating this sensation with books is both engaging and pure fun!

You can also draw students in with a Mystery Book Box. This idea is simply a box that is mysteriously filled with read-aloud titles. A book is blindly selected from the box, and then shared with the students.

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Teachers are always looking for ways to boost their students' reading motivation. 

A child's motivation is the key factor in successful reading.